Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pick of the Week

It's Pick of the Week time: each week I pick one great buy from Target's Weekly Ad (in the Sunday newspaper) and highlight it here on my blog. This week my pick is an annual favorite of mine: Smith & Hawken bulb kits, on sale this week for just $8 each. They usually offer Amaryllis and Hyacinth, as well as the traditional Paperwhites. I love picking these up during the holidays to use as hostess gifts, because they're already packaged for gift-giving; all you need to do is stick a bow on the top and you're set. Of course, I always manage to buy a couple for myself, too, because I love setting them on my window sill and watching them grow and bloom.


Suburban Princess said...

Love these! I get them too for all of the houses we visit for the holidays!

Stylestance said...

I agree these are fabulous gifts. The amaryllis I bought last Christmas at Target is starting to sprout again (and we did nothing to it except leave the pretty ceramic container in the window since last winter). Great quality.