Monday, September 7, 2009

Target merchandise at Goodwill

I have been hearing for years that when Target pulls their clearance merchandise from the sales floor, it is donated to Goodwill Industries, who then re-sells it at their local stores. But to be honest, I had never actually seen proof of this at any of my local Goodwills until yesterday, when I visited a store "off the beaten path" from my usual haunts.

Now this store must definitely be one of "the ones" that Target donates its castoffs to, because not only did I see an entire rack (at least 8-10) of these hideous Tracy Feith maxi dresses (shown) but I also saw a whole shelf of brand new Circo baby socks (which - opposite of the Feith dress - were really cute!). I also saw various Merona, Xhilaration and Mossimo pieces here and there (NWT) but nothing in bulk.

One caveat to shopping Target at Goodwill: in some cases the lowest Target price is less than what Goodwill sells it for. Not always, but sometimes. Case in point: I know I saw these Feith maxi dresses marked as low as $9.99 on clearance at Target, yet Goodwill was selling them for $12 each. Which is fine by me, seeing that the $$ goes to Goodwill. You just shouldn't be expecting THE lowest possible price once the item hits Goodwill's racks.


Anonymous said...

Good post, thanks for the info! And that dress is so ugly! :)

Jana said...

Hush!!! Don't let the rest of the world know my shopping secret!

Pricing at Goodwill varies by location. For example, all dresses at my Goodwill are $7.99. I have become real good friends with the staff at my Goodwill so I know the Target donation schedule. I have scored some amazing pieces from the Merona Collection. I love Goodwill!!