Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday’s Rave: this Sonia Kashuk perfume

I’ve been looking for a new signature scent for a while now. While I don’t wear perfume every day - I’m more of a scented lotion/powder kind of gal - the last perfume I bought was at least 5 years ago so it was definitely time for an update.

So you can imagine my surprise when I was perusing the Sonia Kashuk aisle at Target the other day and discovered that she has added perfumes to her offerings! I immediately took to Sonia's White Gardenia & Black Vetiver scent; it is lightly floral - with a hint of spice - without being overpowering. But I didn’t buy it right away; instead I spritzed some on and headed home to see if the hubby liked it. And lo and behold, he DID, very much so! Which was a relief because usually when I try on the department store brands I immediately get hit with “what is THAT you’re wearing?” [and not in a GOOD way, if you know what I mean!]. Needless to say, I headed back to Target the very next day to get a bottle of White Gardenia & Black Vetiver of my own.

PS: Sonia Kaschuk also offers two other perfume scents: Ginseng Blossom & Tuberose, and Citron & Pink Mandarin.


Gabrielle said...

I always find that those sprays never stay on.. I will have to check it out

Target-Addict said...

Really? I haven't found that to be the case with this one, but fragrance react differently with everyone.

Lisa Marrone said...

I agree this smells awesome. I was going into target and sprayed it on every time i went in there and eventually I bought a bottle. But yes, it doesn't last very long, by later in the day I couldn't smell it on me at all.