Friday, June 27, 2008

itso at Target

Target had a new storage solution offering called "itso". According to their web site:

Itso is a standard-setting storage and organization system based on individual units that are compatible with one another. Easy to assemble and endlessly adaptable, itso is uniquely designed to form to any function, in any configuration, in any space. This modular storage system is designed and engineered around the ways people live and work. A storage and organization system that optimizes space, no matter what life has in store.”

Visit to check out the full range of itso products for home organization in your closet, foyer, laundry room, kid’s room… and even your home office or dorm room.

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Poshan Joanne said...

I was at Minneapolis, TARGET Corp Store. They have Wii in Stock and I saw them put out more when someone brought the last one in the case.

I did ask the staff about WiiFit,They also told me Wii Fit will be avail on week June 29.
my friend cfm it as they got the sunday target AD today.