Friday, February 15, 2008

Coming Soon to Target: Jovovich-Hawk

Model/actress Milla Jovovich and model Carmen Hawk will bring their vintage-inspired clothing line to Target’s Go International collection starting March 2nd. To be honest, I have no insight on this fashion line, although I’ve read that Hollywood hotties like Nicole Ritchie and Ginnifer Goodwin wear their stuff. According to the official Target press release “Jovovich and Hawk's L.A.-based namesake label is in its fifth season, although the two have been friends for over 10 years. The first collection was bought exclusively by Fred Segal and sold out almost instantly. The label continues to build a fan base around the world and is now stocked in stores such as Ron Herman, Net-A-Porter and ShopBop in the U.S., as well as high-end retailers in Europe and Asia.”

PS: Let’s just hope it’s better than the fugly Erin Featherston line that was in stores over the holidays!

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