Monday, April 3, 2017

New at Target: Nate Berkus' Modern Neutral Collection

Those of you itching for Nate Berkus' latest offerings at Target need to wait no longer, as his new "Modern Neutral" collection has arrived. You can check out the full selection here on I'm especially loving this sleek console table and metal tassel mirror. 


Anonymous said...

How does target furniture compare to Ikea or other furniture in terms of durability and price? I like some of these pieces but not sure..

Target Addict said...

Januarysix, it really depends. I've found the Nate Berkus line to be well-constructed, and the Threshold stuff seems pretty good, too. The Modern by Dwell Magazine stuff I'd be wary of, as it seems like Ikea to me - cheaply made and not apt to hold up over time.

If there's a particular piece you like, I'd encourage you to check first to see if there are any positive reviews, as that's always a good indicator of whether a piece is worth the $ or not.