Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Nifty Gift: Opulent Candle

Looking for a great hostess or housewarming gift this holiday season? Then pick up one of these Opulent Candles in a glass jar with a gold base for just $14.99 at Target. This one shown is in the scent "Luxe Linen", but I also saw them in stores in Sea Salt, Bergamot Woods, Fireside Hearth and White Cedar.


Pinky said...

So, Method Mickey Mouse bodywash has been discontinued. I don't go to Target as much as I used to, so I never saw it clearanced or even on sale. Have you or any of your readers seen it anywhere?

Target Addict said...

Hi Pinky! The bodywash or hand wash? I'm not sure I've ever seen the bodywash, although I've seen the hand wash in stores. And a quick search on Target.com shows that they still carry the Method MIckey Mouse hand wash online.