Monday, September 26, 2016

Fab Find: Thanksgiving Leftover Bag

In the "I didn't know I needed this until I saw it", Target has these cute kraft-paper bags labeled "Thanksgiving Leftovers For...." (fill in the blank). They're a substantial size with an easy-to-use handle, and come 3 to a pack for just $3. I found these in the Dollar Aisle along with a bunch of other great seasonal decor items.


The Picinic Basket said...

Cute! I saw a very similar idea on Pinterest last year. I feel like Target does a really good job at turning cute ideas into Dollar Spot products.

Queen Elizabeth said...

I was just there today and didn't see them. I guess I'll try another location. Do I need it? Probably not. But I can't resist the Dollar Spot.

Target Addict said...

Queen Elizabeth: keep checking back as when I first got these I grabbed the 'last' pack I saw, but now I see that my local store has restocked them.