Sunday, April 24, 2016

Marimekko: What I Kept & What I'm Returning

One week into the Marimekko for Target launch, the online orders have started to come in and I can tell you what I liked and am keeping, and what I didn't and will be returned to the store.

As shown here, I am keeping the flip flops, shorts, and hat (which I just found yesterday in store). One note: on my shorts, the center seam does not line up neatly as in the stock photo provided by Target, which is a bummer.

I also plan to keep the Kaivo print beach towel and the Harko print beach tote. My shipment of the Kukkatori print tunic and the Oakariino print dress hasn't arrived yet, so the jury's still out on them. But if the fit is anything like the Terry Cloth Coverup, then I'll be returning them as the side slit is way too high to wear these as anything but a beach coverup. So far, the Coverup is the only piece I wasn't happy with and will be returning. In general, though, I'm disappointed this line didn't include more wearable pieces.

I just started a new job, so I'm only able to visit Target on the weekends these days. Of the two stores I hit yesterday, both only had a smattering of Marimekko items left - mostly in women's clothing. It looks like the pants and the kaftans are the biggest leftovers, probably due to their oversized fit. I also saw lots of the kites and the garden tool sets, as well as several beach towels. From the few swim separates I saw, it looked like the sizing ran small, so I expect more returns on the swimwear side.


Unknown said...

I have my tunic that you are waiting for. It really seems like a beach coverup, except it is made of rayon. A rayon tunic will just stick to a damp bathing suit. I can't decide whether to keep it or not, although the print is so so so cute.

Target Addict said...

UPDATE: I was able to find - and try on - the Kukkatori print tunic and the Oakariino print dress in store yesterday. The slit on the tunic is too high for me to wear as a sundress (as I had feared) so it'll be returned. But the Oakariino print dress fits well and is even cuter than expected, so it's a keeper!

Unknown said...

Though you're working and raising little ones, I hope you still find manage to time for this blog. I really look forward to your observations and photos. You were so right about the terry fabric used in the Marimekko line.
I like the way Target keeps experimenting, trying new collaborations, making mistakes sometimes but boldly going forward.

Barbara said...

I was travelling when the line launched, and found myself in a city with NO Target stores..Horrors! So, I did not think I would even be able to see this merchandise. Went to the Target store where I get my prescriptions yesterday and was totally surprised to see what looked like TONS of it still available. Seeing it altogether was kind of a bright overload to my eyes. One of the employees told me that not a lot of people showed up for this one, at least at this location. I bought the salad plates and a set of dishtowels in the fuschia (Warm) and the Kukkatori large sarong/scarf. I did like a lot of the kitchen items, like the Bamboo serving set, and the dinner plates, but resisted. I already have way too much of this type of stuff. I have a lot of the pink/orange, and the turquoise from the Calypso line from I don't even recall how many years ago. I think these will go well with it.

Michele Herzig said...

I was very very excited for this colab- I LOVE Marimekko, but I was underwhelmed. I only ended up buying the girls kukkatori bathing suit and the beanbag in appelsiini for my daughter. The bathing suit is very well made and will stay, the beanbag is a very heavy weight outdoor fabric with cheap and LOUD beans. It's also not at all comfortable- sadly it will be going back.

Soph said...

I love the Paprika print hat but I had to return it because it was too big. It just swirled around my head when I shook it. :-( I kept the Appelsiini shorts - love the print.

From Kitchenware, I had to return the Carafe set because it arrived with the bottom broken off. I can't replace it because it's sold out online and I haven't seen it in the stores. I kept some salad plates but returned the dinner plates because I already have some in melamine (sometimes the practical side wins out, LOL).

Finally, I'm keeping two Kukkatori pillows,the Auringonkukka round beach towel, the Kids Gardening tool set, and the Bocce set, but returning the Appelsiini pillows and the pouf.

I haven't decided whether I'm going to keep the bike and the outdoor umbrella.