Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Gwen Stefani's New Music Video/Target Ad

Did you watch last night's Grammy Awards on TV? And if so, did you catch the debut of Gwen Stefani's music video for her new song "Make Me Like You" - aka a 4-minute ad for Target? If you missed it, don't worry - you can re-watch it here on the Entertainment Weekly site. I missed most of it myself, until my husband yelled at me to get back in the room because he didn't think this was a "normal Target commercial".

Indeed, this wasn't your traditional music video or TV commercial. Instead, Stefani performed the first ever live music video, broadcast during the Grammy telecast. Directed by Sophie Muller, the clip features Stefani on roller skates, moving through a hair salon, a mirrored room, a bar, and various costume changes. Acting as an ad for Target, the video also featured product placement for the retail chain. And Stefani will be selling a special edition of her new album - with bonus tracks - starting March 18th at Target.

Oh, and if you were confused (as I was) as to how she fell during the rollerskating scene - then popped up a nanosecond later in a costume change - the Huffington Post breaks it down for you here. [Hint: a body double was involved].

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