Monday, October 5, 2015

Fab Find: Dollar Bin Scarf

While perusing the Dollar Bins at Target this weekend, I found this wonderfully soft infinity scarf. It's made of fluffy acrylic, and I nabbed this one in a pretty plum and cream combo, but I saw gray/cream and solid cream as well. And for only $3, the price can't be beat!

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Barbara said...

Seems every time I read your blog BEFORE I go to Target, I get in trouble. After staying out of the One Spot for ages, I now have beautiful mercury glass candles, thanks to you. Now today I have not one but two new scarves that I didn't really need. HaHa I probably wouldn't have even noticed these and certainly wouldn't have gone digging to the very bottom to find the one gray/cream one, if you hadn't written about them. I got the solid cream one too. They are quite nice. They should be giving you a little kickback!