Monday, August 3, 2015

Product Review: Mr Beams Motion Sensing Lights

Recently the folks at Mr Beams - manufacturer of motion-sensor lights - reached out to me to see if I'd be willing to review their products (sold at Target). I was happy to do so, with the caveat that my review would be fair and unbiased (although they did provide the products for me to review free of charge). And was I quite happy I did. This is one of those "why didn't I think of that?" products. Or maybe "wow, I didn't realize I needed these, but now I can't live without them!".

I reviewed the LED Anywhere Light (shown here), the LED Spotlight, and the LED Ultra-bright Spotlight. They also make an LED Ceiling Light, which I'm considering installing in my closet. All of these are highly rated on, and I rate them high as well for ease of use, simplicity to install, and superior functionality.

The Anywhere Light is as-named: a small, lightweight light you can put just about anywhere you want (or need) some extra light. It could be used in a closet, a dark hallway or stairway, as a nightlight in the bathroom - anywhere you need illumination. Right now I'm using mine in a linen closet which doubles as my storage space for scarves, belts and handbags. At night I used to need a flashlight in there, but not no more with the Mr Beams Anywhere Light.

The Mr Beams Spotlight and Ultra-bright Spotlight shine bright light right where you need it, with 140 lumens for the regular and 300 lumens for the Ultra-bright. Both are weatherproof, too, which makes them perfect additions to your patio, backyard or driveway so you never have to walk to your car or take out the trash in the dark again. I am already thinking of other places I can use Mr Beams...  from my garage and laundry room to the garden to prevent critters like raccoons digging up my plants.

All of Mr Beams lights are battery-powered, so all you do is insert batteries, mount it where you want it, and that's it. The built-in photocell activates the motion sensor only after the sun has set or the lights go out. Best of all, Mr Beams lights are well priced at just $10.99 - $29.99 each.

Mr Beams products are available on and in Target stores nationwide. One thing to note: you'll find them in the home security/smoke alarm aisle - not in the lighting section. Be sure to check out the Mr Beams Facebook page for special promotions and discounts. And check out my blog later this week for a special reader giveaway featuring a Mr Beams product!

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Diane said...

I have been a fan of Mr. Beams for years. I first got there Spotlight about 5 years ago on Amazon. I was able to put it on a tree in a matter of minutes, and when my dog goes out at night she no longer disappeared into the darkness. I'm glad to see them at Target now.