Saturday, April 18, 2015

Shopping Strategies for Lilly Pulitzer for Target...

Shoppers, are you ready for the debut of Lilly Pulitzer for Target?? Here are some tips & tricks - courtesy of Racked - to help you out:

1. Every Target store will sell the collab. Yep, every single store. Past collaborations have been stocked at "most" stores (with Target releasing the store lists ahead of time) but this collab will be everywhere on Sunday.

2. The collab will debut online super-duper early in the morning. Target confirms that will begin selling Lilly Pulitzer in the early morning hours on April 19th, meaning that launch time will be between midnight and 2am CST.

3. Lots of pieces will be online-only. Target has already specified that no plus-size pieces will be stocked in stores, but a lot of shoes and jewelry are online-only too.

4. There's no limit on how much you can buy in stores. Retailers often issues restrictions on how many pieces shoppers can pick up at one time during designer collabs, but with this one, everything's up for grabs in stores. [Note: I think this is a horrible idea, and that it's going to lead to "Missoni Madness" all over again]. Online, Target has a general policy of five items or less per style and that'll apply to Lilly Pulitzer as well.

5. The window for returns is short. While Target upholds a general 90-day return policy, all Lilly Pulitzer for Target items will be subject to a 14-day return window. This is great news for people who won't be able to get what they wanted the first time around (pieces will probably pop up in returns) and bad news for people who are terrible at following return policies.

6. Target doesn't ship internationally.

7. Yes, there have some store leaks. You may have seen photos on Twitter or Instagram of people picking out their Pulitzer pieces weeks early. Target tells Racked that it's an unfortunate side effect of the retailer's store rollout plan.

8. You, too, can get Pulitzer pieces early—for an insane markup.There is already a bustling eBay trade in Lilly x Target, so you technically don't have to wait until tomorrow to buy some items from the collab IF you want to pay the eBay vultures their inflated prices.

And finally, for a hands-on POV, check out this Racked video with actual goods from the Lilly pop-up-shop earlier this week in NYC. The shorts (shown here) really surprised me; I wouldn't have thought them to be one of the stand-out items, but now I think I'll definitely add them to my shopping list!


Critifur said...

YET AGAIN, men are completely short changed with this collaboration, as with most of them. I live in Palm Beach (county), and Lilly Pulitzer is something trend setting men sport as well. I think you underestimate men when you leave them out, and even when you include them, it is usually with the least interesting, and dumbed down fashion available. When Target does choose to include men's fashion in a colab, they seem to water it down until the only thing fashionable about the offering is the label on the band. I have seen items in a collaboration, (bland, boring & colorless) that they also offer in exactly the same style, in their in house brands, neither of them offering any interest to a wardrobe, and certainly not fashion forward. Damn, I really would have liked to have been able to afford a nice, slim, crisp & colorful pair of pants from Lilly!

Target Addict said...

Critifur: I agree, and I think Target missed out on a real opportunity here by not offering men's clothing in this collab.

robin said...

Every single store except the one in New Hartford, NY. Yup...nary a piece. Typical.

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