Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Target Shutters Streaming Service...

First Target Canada, and now this: Target is shuttering it's video streaming service I told you about a couple of years ago. According to Consumerist, Target Ticket (which launched in Fall of 2013) was meant to compete with streaming services like Amazon, Vudu, and Flixster. Now Target Ticket is shutting down. Members need not worry that they’ll lose the content they’ve bought or earned: films that users have purchased access to will transfer over to another competing service, CinemaNow.

The service offered all of the expected services that streaming video services have these days: licensed TV content and movies, including current TV shows available the day after airing. It didn’t charge subscription fees, and digital rentals were competitively priced with other similar services. Target store customers customers could earn free movie codes by shopping, and users could also access their UltraViolet libraries through the service.

Titles available on Target Ticket may not necessarily all be available on CinemaNow, but Target promises that it will issue credits to make up for any lost titles in the transition. Target Ticket has stopped new video rentals as of today, and will shut down on March 7th.

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