Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Altuzarra for Target already on clearance in stores...

Today I noticed that one of my local Target stores has already put what's left of the Altuzarra for Target collection on clearance at 30% off. It looked like there were a lot of dresses and blouses (in a variety of sizes), multiple pairs of tuxedo jackets and pants (both in the black matte and red velvet fabric) as well as 4 shelves of shoes. The selection online at Target.com is still at full price, but the inventory is spotty, so check stores if there's something you've been coveting.

UPDATE: another Target store I visited today had the collection marked down to 50% off, so they certainly seem to want to move this stuff out to make room for newer merchandise.


Kathryn Hempstead said...

Hey Hey!

I thought you might be interested to see that Target has been chosen as one of the stores with the best members rewards programs! Finally, someone agrees with us :) Here's a link to the article, on its original host website...


I'm also a big Target fan, and I know your readers would love to see that their loyalty is being rewarded. Plus, there's nothing like an infographic to increase traffic to your site!

If you'd like to post the article, or link to it on your site, you're more than welcome. And I'd appreciate hearing about it if you do!

Meanwhile I'll be printing out all those amazing coupons!


Catherine Edgar said...

Maybe it will start showing up at Goodwill--I have already seen a few items up for auction on Goodwill's web site.

MAC said...

Yes! I want that suit dress.

Mary Hall, The Recessionista said...

I knew this was coming. Our Target is still full of the dresses. I gotta to see if there is anything worth while on the racks.