Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Target's "Black Friday(s) in July"

Since 2010, Target has been promoting a sale in mid-Summer they dub their "Black Friday in July". This year, Target is extending the deals over multiple weekends. I haven't been blogging (nor visiting Target) as much as I usually do recently, so I'm not sure whether this promotion started last weekend or not. But thanks to The Recessionista's helpful post , I have the scoop on Target's deals over the next two weekends. Click here to read her full rundown, but in a nutshell: this weekend (July 18/19) will focus on home furnishings and decor, and the following weekend (July 25/26) will concentrate on electronics and gadgets. And for advance notice of the exact deals over the next two weekends, sign up here on Target.com for email alerts.

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