Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fab Find: Mossimo Longsleeve Sheer Blouse

For years I used to dress up on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, with a dress and boots being my typical "uniform". But now that my parents are aging - and my husband and I are doing most of the holiday cooking for the family - I find myself gravitating towards more casual and comfortable duds to navigate the kitchen in.

So these days, a dressy blouse and jeans are my go-to outfit for holiday gatherings. Which is why I was thrilled to find this pretty bright blue Mossimo blouse on clearance for just $7.48 in stores! [On, it looks like the clearance price is $17.48, down from $24.99].

Note that this blouse IS sheer, so a cami is mandatory underneath. It also has a cool exposed zipper in the back, and I liked it so much, I also bought it in green. I'm not sure which color I'll wear tomorrow, but whichever I choose I'll pair it with this elegant statement necklace I also found on clearance (for $12-something, down from $16.99).

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