Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fab Find: Mossimo Hi-Low Knit Dress

This Mossimo knit dress is a "fab find" that not only do I personally own (in the color shown here) but I also plan to go back and get another one in black. I actually wore this to a Mother's Day brunch and got tons of compliments on it.  While it takes on the "hi-low"  hemline trend, it isn't as an extreme as on some dresses.

This hue is dubbed "Baritone Blue Stripe", but the color is actually a deep teal with what looks like navy threads running through it. While I love the orange color as well (which they call "Hot Lips Red") I found it to be a tad too sheer in the dressing room, which is why I'll opt for basic black instead.

PS: Regarding fit, the sizing is generous on this dress, and I actually had to go down a size.

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Music said...

Thanks for the FYI on this one! It's something I would normally blow by in the store, but the pic definitely caught my attention.