Saturday, June 23, 2012

Watch those Target price tags & checkout receipts!

Consumerist brings us this humorous tale of a "clearance" item on Target shelves actually being jacked up by $424%. As spotted by by Consumerist reader Victor, this tag for a pack of Windex Electronic Wipes says it was originally priced at $1.00 but is now on sale for the bargain basement price of $4.24.

After looking at prices for these wipes at other stores, Consumerist surmises that the label should say that the original price was $4.24 and it's now on clearance for $1.00. And yes, this is probably due to a simple goof on the part of a Target staffer, but if some customer doesn't see the original "1.00" in small type and assumes they are getting a good deal, they end up paying far more than they should have.

So just a friendly reminder to check both Target price tags and your checkout receipt for errors, as I had to do the other day.  You know those coupons you sometimes get at checkout?  I had taken several with me to the store the other day, adding up to about $8 in total (so not an insignificant amount).  However, my cashier was so distracted that he failed to redeem any of them, despite the fact that he did take them from me.  Which resulted in me having to find a manager, go back to that register, fetch the coupons from that drawer, and finally redeem them.  Kind of a pain in the @ss, but I wanted the $8 that was due to me.

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Danielle said...

Just a heads up, when a clearance sticker (which are actually generated electronically, not by team members) boast a original price that is negative, it means that target wasn't supposed to get the shipment! That's why the label is messed up!