Saturday, October 29, 2011

Coming soon to Target: America's Next Top Model, the fragrance

Just when you thought that maybe America’s Next Top Model would finally go away, Tyra Banks has found another way to make money from the franchise. In a couple of months, Tyra will introduce Dreams Come True - ANTM’s first fragrance - which will be available exclusively at Target.

According to Stylite, the idea for the scent was hatched on Wednesday’s episode. The all-star contestants were asked to design and present their own fragrance to Ben Bennett, creative director of Hatch Beauty, the company that will ultimately produce the fragrance. Bennett spent the episode interviewing the models and creating scents based on what they want to smell like, and the girls are told later that whoever wins this cycle will be the face of the fragrance.

So what will the sweet scent of winning ANTM smell like? Bennett told Women’s Wear Daily he wanted to capture the “sweet, ethereal sensibility” of what it feels like to actually have your dreams come true. Therefore, the scent is both fruity and sugary at the same time. It’s “top notes are red currant, honeydew and pink freesia; the middle notes are Amazonian lily, plum blossom and empress peony; and the bottom notes are blondewood, Tahitian vanilla, pink sugar and sparkling musk.”

If this scent sounds appealing, you can check it out come January at Target stores nationwide; a 1 oz. bottle will run you $21.99 and a 30 ml. roll-on tube will cost $12.99.

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Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I still watch that show. I even saw the perfume episode, and while I love me some crazy Tyra, I think I'll pass on this one. I hear Mr. Jay has a line with Sears in Canada, let's hope Target tries to get in on some of that action.