Sunday, March 13, 2011

My own favorite Target Designer collaborations....

Today's post on Target's GO International Designer Collective made me think about my own closet. What were my own favorite Target design collabs? I decided to limit it to just dresses (like Target's re-issued collection) and focus on what I had personally bought and worn in the past. Clockwise from upper left:

1) Patrick Robinson's tribal shift dress. What a shame that they didn't include Patrick in Target's recent Designer Collective! I actually bought two of his Target sundresses, and then I bought this dress about a year afterwards on eBay. Unfortunately (for me!) this was one collab that was sized too generously, and since it was too big, it went in the Goodwill pile. I still search eBay from time to time hoping it'll show up in my size. It's very 'Tory Burch', don't you think?

2) Rogan's Zebra Halter. It's too bad that Rogan Gregory only has one dress in the GO International Collective. I love (and still own) this one, and what you cannot see from the pic is the fact that the dress has subtle zebra stripes (in black and charcoal gray).

3) Loomstate's little black sundress. Rogan's second collab with Target produced Loomstate, and this adorable cotton belted dress. This is still in my closet, and is a summer staple of mine. The subtle-flare on the skirt gives it a slight 50's vibe.

4) And finally, Thakoon's Shibori-print dress. A sellout when it first debuted a few years ago, and again a sellout now. When Target first introduced this dress, it was available in both blue/white (shown) and black; the reissue only had the black. I had the blue one and even sizing down from my usual size, I felt that this dress had too much "volume" in the skirt, so I eventually consigned it at my favorite resale shop.


Guardian of Gimcracks/Oyster Girl said...

I just picked up the Thakoon dress and agree that the skirt is very large. I have ordered a smaller size in hopes I can reduce it a bit.

Did you noticed Target totally cheaped out on the Rodarte reload? That dress was originally in silk and now they are offering it in poly. So disappointed.

Target-Addict said...

Do you mean the peach-colored Rodarte, or the black/nude printed lace? Either way, that's too bad that they "cheaped out". They probably wanted to cheap out with Rogan's leopard dress, too, but since Rogan's mantra is all about natural fibers, I'm sure he didn't let them.

Anonymous said...

I wanted that Patrick Robinson dress sooo bad but waited too late to order. I was hoping it would be in this collection but no luck :(

VICKYFF said...

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Mack said...

Remember the Patrick Robinson collection as well and did live it but they probably didn't reissue since he is the head designer for The Gap.