Friday, February 11, 2011

Product Review: Caldrea Essentials Hand Balm

The other day I picked up this Olive Oil Hand Balm from Caldrea Essentials at Target for just $2.78 on clearance. I'm not sure why it was on sale, as Caldrea doesn't seem to be phasing out this fragrance; perhaps my local Target store was just putting the remaining stock on sale in anticipation for a new shipment.

Now I've found the Caldrea Essentials collection to be hit or miss; some fragrances are pleasant, while others I find too overpowering. So I was delighted to find the Olive Oil scent - with essential oils of Coriander and Cedarleaf - to be refreshing, light, and a bit citrusy. The packaging says "This green, uplifting fragrance adds an herbal twist to the heady scent of fresh-pressed olives. A fresh touch of coriander is complemented by base notes of cedar, amber and musk." Caldrea's hand balm also contains shea butter, sweet almond oil and chamomile extract to help care for hands and keep them soft. And I'm happy to report that it moisturizes without any of that "greasy" residue that some hand lotions often leave behind.


grace said...

I picked this up when it was on clearance too, and have been using it nonstop. I love it.

J.CrewJD said...

That sounds awesome, I want some! I missed it when I was at Target a few days ago. Guess I have to go again this weekend :)

intel said...

This is a great hand balm! I use it after every hand wash. Citrus Mint Ylang Ylang is a soft fresh smell, I think everyone in the family can use it. My hubby's favorite after working outdoors, or on the cars. Very effective and concentrated; lasts quite a while making it worth the price

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Tammy said...

I also picked it up on clearance for $2.78. I was actually just trying to put something near the sink that matched the towels and I fell in love with it. It now sits on my desk at work and I use it quite often during the day after I wash my hands. Very soothing to my very dry hands, love the light scent, not greasy and a little goes a long way. Wish I could find more...especially at this price!