Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Target to offer iPhone

First came the iPad, which Target started carrying in its retail stores in October. Now comes the iPhone, which the Bullseye will start selling come Nov. 7th.

Target will carry the iPhone in 846 stores that include Mobile Centers, and customers can select from the iPhone3GS or iPhone4 and receive quick in-store activation on the purchase of a new iPhone.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever had a problem returning electronics at Target? I ask because I refuse to buy anything from Best Buy anymore and wondered if Target has a more relaxed policy on electronics.

Target-Addict said...

Hi tmougo! I'm not sure about Target's policy on electronics. The only electronic item I've ever had to return was a Wii system...and it was only because the grandparents got our kids one last x-mas, so ours was a duplicate gift. That said, the Wii I returned was new in the box -not even opened - so they didn't question the return.

Debbie said...

Two of my favorite things finally together: Target and Iphones :)