Friday, October 22, 2010

Target in hot water over ads poking fun at Moms

Uh oh.... Target went there. Target is finding itself in hot water after running an ad that makes fun of moms who make their kids' Halloween costumes.

The ad - which you can watch here on YouTube - features a child in a homemade Iron Man costume (complete with a push-button closet light on his chest) and suggests that all children would be infinitely happier in the generic, plastic, factory made costume that retails for a mere $20 at Target.

Bloggers were quick to blast the Bullseye, with Jezebel asking "Why trick of treat in the creative costume your mom spent hours slaving over when you could wear a plastic outfit from Target and look the same as all the other Iron Mans?"

And Slate chimed in with "What distinguishes this Target commercial is its degree of blind, witless belief in its own message. The homemade Iron Man costume is supposed to be pitiful, but it's more interesting and better-looking than the store-boughten one, without seeming like the product of slavish overparenting. I would give extra candy to a kid who showed up at the door dressed like that."


Tina said...

Huh, I don't see it as making fun of moms at all. It was funny. Any moms offended by this, is taking it to seriously.

I read some of the youtube comments left and they are ridiculous. Saying Target is attacking moms now, first gays. Target never attacked either one. Ridiculous.

Lesa said...

Booooo for Target (and I just spent $100 there this a.m. The costumes my Mom made for me growing up were the best, and when my girls were little I made theirs. It shows some Mommy love, time and effort.

tracey said...

So they offended some sensitive helicopter moms with their precious little snowflakes, big deal. They're not going to stop shopping at Target because it. Toughen up people.

This is exactly why I'm not having children.

41 said...

Wow - did Slate really say "store-boughten?"

Critifur said...

OMG! That commercial was so funny I actually stopped FF on my DVR to watch it and watch it again. Seriously people, way to find something to be offended at for no good reason. Interestingly I found al the costumes my Mother made to be far superior to anything I would have bought (when I was a kid). I have still not set foot in a Target. Really jonesing for a fix. Especially for the Halloween merch. Boo!