Monday, June 15, 2009

Bon voyage, Max Factor

If you have a favorite shade of Max Factor lipstick, you’d better stock up, pronto. The 90-year old brand is being phased out of the U.S. market by parent-company Proctor and Gamble. Instead, P&G will focus on stronger lines in their portfolio - like CoverGirl - which has a larger U.S. market share.

The Max Factor line is currently distributed to a small number of U.S. retailers including Target, Walmart, and Ulta. Ironically, it’s one of the most popular beauty brands in over 20 OTHER countries, ranking as the #2 brand in the UK and Russia.

This move signals the end of a beauty era here in America. Founded in 1909, Max Factor created the only makeup developed for motion picture use. The brand's connection to old Hollywood and professional makeup artists is the kind of affiliation beauty companies would kill for today. But alas, the love affair didn't last, and even last-ditch efforts to restore the brand to its former glory didn’t seem to work. Look for Max Factor to be phased out stateside by early 2010.

BTW: The bold shade shown at left is Max Factor Vivid Impact Lipcolor in "Ms. Right".


MH said...

So Sad, the Max Factor studio is still over on Hollywood Boulevard in LA. I can't believe it's winding down in the US!

Sher said...

Another Icon is falling.

Anonymous said...

Is this for the concealer, too? Theirs is the absolutely best. And the cheapest! Just as good as Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier. I'm going to have to find it and buy in bulk.

Target-Addict said...

Yes, MissPinkSlip; 'fraid so. ALL Max Factor products are being phased out of US markets, from what I've researched. Sorry!