Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday's Rave: Dean Harris for Target

It's a rare occurance these days that a much-hyped guest designer at Target actually lives up to all the hoopla. That rarity is here, my friends, and his name is Dean Harris. Known for putting a fun twist on natural materials and nature-inspired themes, Harris has brought his magic to Target at down-to-earth prices. And in short, the collection is AMAZING and definitely worthy of a rave. Seriously, there isn't one piece out of this collection I wouldn't want to own and wear. I already bought the delicate green-quartz necklace as well as these cutout-pattern gold-plated sterling hoop earrings (pictured at left). And my next purchase will probably be these silver dangle-leaf earrings, or the twisted-vine hoops. Honestly, I can't decide....I want it all!

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